Santa Key - Sliver

Santa Key - Sliver

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These are silver or a vintage style metal key. Comes with polygon beads on a key ring with ribbon.

How does Santa get in to deliver presents on Christmas Eve if you live in an apartment or a house that doesn’t have a chimney?
The answer is simple!

With one of our made to order Santa’s Magic Keys!
A gorgeous keepsake gift for your little ones to bring out year after year.
Perfect for Christmas Eve boxes too.

Santa's Magic Key is a simple way to give your children a magical Christmas they will never forget.
A special magic key that works for one night only - and only for Santa!
Hang it near your front door on Christmas Eve so Santa can find his way in.
Start a new Christmas Tradition with you Kids and add to the excitement of Christmas


Santa Key wording.

Santa Key

A Key for you my Santa Dear

It only works one night each year

Your magic touch will make it right

To turn the lock on Christmas night.


Size 7cm x 4.5cm