Hot Stuff - Gift Box
Hot Stuff - Gift Box
Hot Stuff - Gift Box

Hot Stuff - Gift Box

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Glass or mug and a randomly selected wheat bag 500g wheat bag. 

Please leave a message in the checkout.  The default colour is the colour listed in the photo.

You may ask what is a Hot Soup Cozy

Protect your fingers and your furniture from hot bowls of soup, chilly casseroles, jacket potatoes etc. or a bowl of ice cream.

With an attractive fabric bowl cozy. Easy to wash.

This is 100% natural cotton which is perfect for placing a bowl inside and then straight in the microwave.

It is suggested that you use in two-minute intervals for maximum of eight minutes. It’s not fire retardant or flameproof but 100% cotton so free of glue & chemicals.


Never leave the microwave unattended 

No more hot fingers when you take it out of the microwave.