Hot pink & Rose gold

Hot pink & Rose gold

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This beautiful necklace is called Hot pink & Rose gold. The colours in this necklace are some of the most popular right now, hope you love it as much as we do!

·         A lush 5.5cm tassel on a beaded necklace.

·         All necklaces have a feature element

Necklace is 61 cm in length including tassel.  

These look amazing thrown on with your favourite jeans and top or paired with designer fashion. Whether casual wear or high trend fashion, these tassel necklaces are hot items at the moment. 

Ideal, as an affordable gift but at the same time they are inexpensive enough to have a few to jazz up any wardrobe.

These necklaces are handmade, so could be imperfectly unique.  It adds to the charm!

We aim to release new necklaces on a regular basis.